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Vincent Vidal

Paris, 2001. Encountering techno from the early 00s with the likes of Jeff Mills, Oscar Mulero, Luke Slater, 17 year-old Vincent Vidal discovers a new language and an energy he had never experienced before. He soon acquires his first turntables and plays his first gigs at Batofar and Glazart in Paris. In the mid 00s though, he will spend most of his time searching for his own identity : completely bored by the minimal wave, he quits gigging and dedicates himself to producing. One of his early works will be released on Quartz, Paul Ritch’s label, whom he will join on a tour in China. More productions will follow, among which an EP ARTS. It’s later with dub techno and the renewal of techno that Vincent finds a new impulse: he finally rediscovers the same emotions as those from his early years. The coming of new producers like Lucy coupled with the boiling of the British scene leaves no doubt: the audience is ready to experience a powerful, uncompromising techno in which Vincent has an active part to play. He will thus start gigging again in the most famous clubs in Paris like Rex Club or La Machine du Moulin Rouge.

In 2011, he meets [BP]’s crew. After his first set, the team enrolls him as one of its residents. In this young structure he finds all the trust and freedom he needs to express this psychic and magnetic techno so typical of each one of his performances. This residency will lead him to play at Weather Festival’s second edition in Paris or at Concrete. 

Expatriated in Berlin since early 2014, he now entirely devotes himself to producing his own sound signature and organizing Rave party called Koyaanisqatsi.

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