Drumcode Adam Beyer
Ida Engberg Presents Collage
Ida Engberg describes Collage like so, "Not many things in life beat the true experience of the perfect party. That definitive moment when location, music and people all come together in the same place to create that perfect shared experience. It's about that vibe that can only exist when all those components work together in perfect harmony. For me, dj'ing is exactly the same, trying to re-create that experience time and again. Similarly, this compilation is all about that - bringing interesting elements together. I have invited producers that envoke that magic within me. They have all touched my soul. Great music is just like happiness, its only real when shared." Ida Engbergs 'Burn Out' uses funky percussion to create an exceptional groove that is laced with synth sweeps before a detuned synth tunnels through the record. Fabio Alampi's 'Redkicks' uses a groovy sub bass before introducing a monster stab sound that gives the track a unique character. Mark Fanciulli's contribution 'Back to Front' incorporates vocal phrases and undertones of a melodic bass line to create a track that is functionally creative. Sinisa Tamamovic's track 'Big Night' is functional and uses sporadic synths to create tension whilst the repetitive bass line carries the track through. Marco Effe's 'Underclock' incorporates syncopated rhythms and sparse percussion to create a tripped out record. Philip Bader steps up to present his track, 'Sky Walk' that uses melodic bass pads and bleeps to create a shuffling rhythm. Emerson Todd's input uses a heavy analogue sounding bass line and synth stabs to create a track to keep the masses moving. Animal Trainer have provided a record which, uses melodic rhythms to create a groovy track.
Philip Bader
Sky Walk (Original Mix)
Marco Effe
Underclock (Original Mix)
Emerson Todd
Eternal (Original Mix)
Animal Trainer
8 Delays A Week (Original Mix)
Ida Engberg
Burn Out (Original Mix)
Fabio Alampi
Redkicks (Original Mix)
Mark Fanciulli
Back To Front (Original Mix)
Sinisa Tamamovic
Big Night (Original Mix)