Drumcode Adam Beyer
Luca Agnelli and Marco Faraone
Floor Attack
The Floor Attack EP consists of two tracks that both use experimental sounds but still remain functional. The first track, Floor Attack, is a rhythmic-driven belter that packs a hefty punch. The hypnotizing drums and eerie vocal sample set the ambiance of the track. The B-Side is slightly more experimental but has expertly captured the Truesoul vibe. The rising pad lures the listener into the track to create a feeling of anticipation before exploding into a pulsing groove. Both tracks truly capture how special these two producers are as a team and were delighted to officially welcome Marco and Luca to Truesoul.
Luca Agnelli and Marco Faraone
Floor Attack (Original Mix)
Luca Agnelli and Marco Faraone
Sounds Like (Original Mix)